January 28, 2010 – As part of its on-going commitment to providing superlative service to its clients, Connective Tissue Gene Tests (CTGT) conducts an annual client survey.  The Company is pleased to report the results of its most recent survey.

In the survey, CTGT asks that its clients rate their experiences on several criteria, responding with a ‘1’ for unsatisfactory, ‘5’ for excellent, or somewhere in between as appropriate.  Based on an average of all responses received, clients rated CTGT as follows for 2009:

Website is user-friendly and easy to navigate 4.70
Website contain useful information 4.70
Test results were received in a timely fashion 4.96
Results were reported in an easily understandable manner 4.79
Results and analysis were useful in the clinical assessment of the patient 4.88
CTGT laboratory personnel were helpful, knowledgeable, & courteous 5.00
Overall rating of CTGT versus other laboratories you have used 4.70

Clients were also asked if they would recommend CTGT’s testing services to others, and we are very happy to be able to report that all respondents answered “yes”.

CTGT’s average turn-around time for all tests performed in 2009 was ten business days.  Please note that some tests inherently take longer than others, and that turn-around time tests for specific tests may therefore vary.  More information is available on our Turnaround Time page.

CTGT welcomes all comments from clients.  In addition to the annual survey, clients are encouraged to use the Feedback or Suggest A Test forms on the CTGT web site, or to email or call the Company at any time using the contact information on the Contact Us web page.


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