June 1, 2010 — Connective Tissue Gene Tests (CTGT) announced today that it is now offering a proprietary High-Density Targeted Array for more than 50 inherited connective tissue disorders.  The new offering will provide physicians with an important new resource for diagnosing these disorders.

CTGT High-Density Targeted (HDT) Array is a custom-designed high-density microarray based on information derived from CTGT’s extensive research and testing experience.  This unique solution offers clinicians many important advantages:

  • By employing a unique, very high density micro-array technology, CTGT’s tests offer the highest test sensitivity available.
  • This methodology is capable of detecting single to multi exon deletions or duplications.
  • CTGT’s simple add-on test order process allows clients to easily combine our comprehensive sequencing test methodologies with CTGT Targeted Deletion / Duplication Testing in any order desired.
  • Results are reported in concise, easy to interpret reports that facilitate clinical decision making

More information, including technical details, are available on the company's Methods & Technology web page.  A complete list of available tests may be found on CTGT's Tests & Panels web page.

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