December 4, 2011 - CTGT is pleased to announce the reintroduction of autosomal dominant osteogenesis imperfecta testing. Both sequencing and deletion/duplication tests are available for AD OI. In conjunction with our established AR OI sequencing and deletion/duplication tests, CTGT now offers the most comprehensive OI testing available at very competitive prices.

CTGT is also pleased to announce the addition of five new sequencing tests:

  • CCDC8 gene testing for three M syndrome 3
  • COL1A1 gene testing (exon 41 only) for Caffey disease
  • EXT1 gene testing for multiple exostoses type I
  • EXT2 gene testing for multiple exostoses type II
  • PRDM5 gene testing for brittle cornea syndrome 2

The new tests may be ordered using the requisition forms on CTGT's web site. As new tests are added frequently, CTGT advises clients to regularly download the latest requisition forms from our Requisition Forms page on the web site.

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