About Us

CTGT, a division of HNL Lab Medicine, is an international provider specializing in molecular diagnostic testing services for inherited genetic disorders. CTGT offers a comprehensive test menu and serves hundreds of leading healthcare providers and institutions from the US and around the world. The company uses its proprietary analytic methods, mutation database, and technology to provide more than 3,300 unique tests covering over 1,000 genes. Its efficient systems and team of experts enable CTGT to provide clear and actionable results, rapidly develop and deploy new tests, and offer superior customer service with best-in-industry, turn-around times.  

Our Mission

CTGT is dedicated to helping physicians accurately diagnose inherited genetic disorders by offering highly sensitive tests for a broad range of inherited genetic disorders while providing superior customer service in all our activities.

About HNL LAB Medicine

HNL Lab Medicine is a leading, full-service medical laboratory providing testing and related services to physician offices, hospitals, long-term care facilities, employers, and industrial accounts. Each year, HNL Lab Medicine generates more than 60 million clinical and anatomic pathology results for approximately 3 million patients and 12,000 healthcare providers. HNL Lab Medicine has more than 60 Patient Service Centers located throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Its staff of over 1,000 includes 35 board-certified pathologists and scientific directors and more than 400 certified lab scientists and phlebotomists working together to provide high-quality, advanced diagnostic testing. For more information, visit HNL.com.



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