Studies have shown that Face2Gene's comprehensive phenotyping improves variant analysis. By compiling your patient's phenotype quickly within Face2Gene, you don't need to provide any other clinical information on CTGT's test requisition form.

If you’re a Face2Gene user, you can share the information in a Face2Gene case directly with CTGT. When you're logged on to the web version at, simply click the test tube button at the top right of your case in Face2Gene. Select the test type, click on Connective Tissue Gene Tests (CTGT) laboratory, and follow the prompts. Then send the sample with the completed CTGT’s requisition form to Connective Tissue Gene Tests, 6575 Snowdrift Road, Suite 106, Allentown, PA 18106. You can obtain CTGT’s requisition form here:

Click here to watch a short how-to video.

If you haven’t heard about Face2Gene, sign up for a free account at This app allows clinicians to analyze a patient's photo and features; it provides a list of best-matched syndromes based on the information you’ve entered. Email with any questions or if you’d like a demo. You can also watch a video that introduces Face2Gene.

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