Ordering a prenatal test

All tests offered by CTGT can be performed on prenatal specimens, including Nextgen sequencing, Sanger sequencing and deletion/duplication tests. CTGT does not perform pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) on embryonic specimens. Clients are encouraged to contact us with any questions about ordering a prenatal test.

Specimen requirements

CTGT prefers ONE of the following types of prenatal specimens:

  1. Prenatal cultured cells: Two confluent T-25 flasks derived from amnio or CVS samples.  Please fill all flasks to capacity with cell culture media before sending. CTGT highly recommends the sender retain additional cell cultures until testing is completed. 
  2. Prenatal genomic DNA: a minimum of 3 µg at a concentration of at least 30 ng/µl, preferably in TE solution.

Maternal cell contamination (MCC) studies

CTGT highly recommends including a maternal sample for MCC studies with all prenatal tests. The maternal sample can be either whole blood in a purple-top (EDTA) tube or genomic DNA (a minimum of 3 µg). The maternal sample may be shipped to CTGT separately if the fetal sample is not ready to be sent. 

Test code Test Price CPT Code
1389         Maternal cell contamination testing $370          81265 X 1 


Turnaround time (TAT)

CTGT attempts to expedite all testing involving ongoing pregnancies. Our standard turnaround time for Sanger sequencing is approximately 1-2 weeks, for deletion/duplication tests approximately 2-3 weeks and approximately 2-4 weeks for NextGen sequencing.

Requisition form

CTGT does not provide a separate requisition form for prenatal cases. Please complete the “Other Information” section on the last page of our requisition form and indicate that the sample is a prenatal specimen.


Prenatal specimens should be packed in materials that prevent the containers from being damaged during shipment. Specimen containers should be labeled with patient name and date of birth. Specimens sent without patient identifiers will not be accepted by CTGT. Prenatal and maternal specimens should be shipped at ambient temperature using an overnight delivery service. A complete requisition form, including payment information, must be sent with the specimens.  


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