Please ship all orders and specimens to:

Connective Tissue Gene Tests
6575 Snowdrift Road, Suite 106
Allentown, PA 18106 USA
Phone: (484) 244-2900

Before shipping, please be sure to review ALL instructions below that apply to your specimen(s).

All Shipments

  • Shipment via express carrier (such as FedEx, UPS or DHL) is recommended.  In addition to rapid delivery, express carriers provide package tracking.
  • Please do NOT send specimens for weekend or U.S. holiday delivery.  CTGT accepts shipments only on regular business days.
  • All specimens should be appropriately packaged to avoid crushing, breaking or leaking and should be sent in the commercial packaging available from the selected express carrier.
  • Requisition Forms MUST accompany all specimens.  If specimens for more than one individual are being shipped together, please include a requisition form for each specimen.
  • All specimens and Requisition Forms must be clearly marked with at least two patient identifiers (for example, patient name and date of birth).
  • A packing slip detailing the contents of your shipment should be included with each package sent. Please complete the Shipment Packing Slip and include in the package.

Shipments From Outside Of The United States

  • Shipment via express carrier is highly recommended for all shipments originating outside of the United States. In addition to rapid delivery, express carriers provide package tracking and encounter fewer issues with customs.
  • Note on the outside of the package that the “Contents are non-infectious, have no commercial value and will be used for medical testing”.
  • Genomic DNA should be submitted for all overseas shipments (outside of the United States, Canada or Mexico).  Blood or cultured cells may not survive transit and have a greater probability of being held either in the country of origin or in U.S. customs.

NOTE: Shipment of specimens to CTGT is the sole responsibility of the sender.  Shipping charges billed to CTGT will be automatically rebilled to the sender.

Please include a packing slip with your shipment.
Shipment Packing Slip

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