Our vast experience and long term dedication to providing high quality molecular diagnostic tests distinguish us from other laboratories.

  • CTGT’s development and technology is an internationally-recognized leader in the molecular biology of connective tissue disorders.  CTGT remains committed to translating unique expertise into clinical and technical value for the company’s clients.
  • CTGT has performed thousands of genetic tests and has compiled comprehensive mutation databases for many genes.  Our extensive experience and superior data sets enable us to provide a more accurate analysis of test results than other diagnostic laboratories.
  • CTGT remains at the forefront of new testing methodologies and technologies, rapidly implementing those that are proven to be reliable, accurate and superior or complementary to existing technology.
  • CTGT maintains focused on providing the highest standards for laboratory quality and accuracy.

Superior Service

  • CTGT’s experts are available by email and telephone to provide timely consultation with physicians and genetic counselors.
  • The company achieves the fastest turn-around times available for molecular diagnostics of inherited genetic disorders.
  • Our professional administrative staff is always ready to help with billing related questions.
  • CTGT welcomes your suggestions regarding the development of additional tests and panels.
  • CTGT also welcomes inquiries from other laboratories seeking excellent reference services.

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